Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories

Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories

92% (Ratings: 2171)
Version: 3.3.1
Category: Quests
Requirements: Android 4.4
Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories – this is a program, where developers gathered lots of stories about various life situations that can entertain users, become a supportive note and a great way to spend their free time in a super interesting way.

So this amazing application will transfer users to the world, described in the sudser, called «Gossip Girl» and it will delight all users, who have learned from the very childhood that the habit of reading correspondents of the other people is a bad one. Here you will do straight this thing! And so not only bookworms will fall in love with this app.

After its downloading, users will be able to select interesting for them story genres and after this activity of choosing the closest thematic, application will generate conversation, that users might be interested in. As soon as they read them, they will be able to rate them with stars, just like e-books in Google rate systems.

Therefore, Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories is a good tool for everyone, who used to think that reading is a boring activity – such type of people will definitely realize how true the advice of not judging a book by its cover actually is. The thing is that this activity that previously seemed to be boring will make users addicted to the application and will bring them a pure joy of visualizing effects, developed in this project for getting even more impressive story.

These truly Abyss — Thrilling Chat Stories will become a great time killer for people of all ages and genre preferences and a good anti stress tool as well, because it perfectly handles with the task of unplugging from daily stress – users will simply dive into the parallel reality and have no option than living this virtual life up. Counting the act, they also will get a role in the described in the conversation situation. So just keep reading to figure everything out!

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