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Requirements: Android 4.0
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LIKE – this is an extremely popular video editing tool with many exciting opportunities and lots of entertaining features that greatly help users to distract from daily life and its issues. It is also known as a replacement of similar to it, so if you have already heard of this project, you can imagine what LIKE app is all about.

So, in this application users register as in the typical social network, but here they can post only video fragments with small comments to them. But developers provide consumers with the large choice of effects that allow them to pick masks on video, move objects and add other features, so no one will get bored.

Comparing with capabilities of other video applications, Likee has incredibly unique effects that give users the opportunity to make duets by doing video-mashup and from opposite side, cutting off certain shots, put into practice 4D stickers that make this editor a true sensation in the mobile music industry. Therefore, even a kid can make a creative montage without many efforts and within a couple of minutes.

In addition, Likee - Formerly LIKE Video gathered more than seven million followers just a year ago and youngsters made up the real battle in like’s sake. In new version of this app is different from later updates not only with one more «e» letter, but also with more bright design features, opportunity to share your clips in other social media and bigger amount of available effects.

What is also beneficial, this application consists of a huge music library that will amaze fans of all music genre, as they choose whatever soundtrack starting with Justin Bieber’s songs to audios from popular sudsers. And even if the track that you want to use in your video is not included to app’s list, you are able to download it yourself!

And summing up, Likee - Formerly LIKE Video gives tons of chances to personalize your clip and make it different from others by creating special combinations and inventing new movements and plots for funny sketch-videos.

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