Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

89% (Ratings: 20885)
Version: 1.0.10
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a sequel to one of the most popular Android fighting games. The new chapter of Shadow Fight received not only a new story mode but also some new gameplay features as well as the new content. The same we can say about the graphics of the game.

The game was released not so long ago but already managed to draw gamers’ attention to the gameplay mode. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition, unlike the first version of the fighting game, was developed and released without advertising and has the more improved gaming opportunities for the player. There is also available some new types of equipment, additional story mode, etc.

The main characters of the game are the ninjas who prefer to fight under the cover of darkness that is why these characters seem more like shadows. However, if the shadow ninjas will appear at the forefront of the screen, the colorful locations would be behind them.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has no energy, so you can perform the skills you needed without limits. Moreover, this game still has the fill bar to perform special movements or attacks. This bar is intended to be filled after the successful implementation of ordinary punches or a combination of punches.

The control system remained virtually unchanged since there is presented old virtual joystick with two active buttons located at the lower right of the screen.

Some new features to explore while playing the game:

  • dozens of new in-game content: armor and weapons;
  • the absence of the advertising: no annoying ads in this chapter of the fighting game;
  • the new story mode is also added to explore the ninjas' way of life;
  • the control bar is more effective while defeating the enemies than it was before;
  • the improved graphical engine and more complex animation added;
  • you can play without energy – there are no limitations while reaching the goal and customizing your character.

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    Filip 23 September 2020 21:59
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    PrestonPlayz 15 September 2020 03:18
    Oh my god! I got so much money hahaha!! Thanks so much!
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    Renzo 27 August 2020 07:41
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    vincent 20 August 2020 04:03
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    sofi 28 July 2020 23:28
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    Cade 13 July 2020 02:49
    I hate it how much i download it everything disconnect
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    habib 10 July 2020 05:54
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  8. Samarth shinde
    Samarth shinde 6 July 2020 11:03
    Please give me shadow fight 2 special edition mode apk
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    Ajay pratap sing 5 July 2020 18:13
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    Nam 25 June 2020 07:20
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  12. Erekle Davitashvili
    Erekle Davitashvili 8 June 2020 10:24
  13. Kevin
    Kevin 3 June 2020 22:17
    Its a good app but the enchantments wont work
  14. pro gamer
    pro gamer 27 April 2020 11:49
    the best app cause it has unlimited money and gems and it is free and has infinite energy so i give it a 5star rating cause it is better and good🙏🙏🙏
  15. Kathy
    Kathy 19 April 2020 09:58
    Bro! this game Is so Much cooler than Shadow fight 2.
  16. Roudra
    Roudra 5 April 2020 22:36
    There is not unlimited money. What should I do??
  17. JRK
    JRK 23 March 2020 11:10
    Bruh shadow fight have a anti cheat system which is you can't mod this app
    1. Diego
      Diego 26 March 2020 08:01
      So what are the consequences for playing this version modified?
    2. Guest LoL
      Guest LoL 11 April 2020 03:52
      Every app can be moded... even Insta and FB... This is ridicilous..
      1. Bruh
        Bruh 26 June 2020 09:28
        You can't mod roblox you'll be banned if you mod the game
      ANGEL OF DEATH 3 August 2020 21:26
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    Bongjour 22 March 2020 06:29
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  19. Utkarsh agrawal
    Utkarsh agrawal 17 March 2020 10:57
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    ShivRam 3 February 2020 13:56
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    1. Bonnie Kyoto
      Bonnie Kyoto 11 September 2020 04:04
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