Lucky patcher

Lucky patcher

86.4% (Ratings: 53096)
Version: 11.3.4
Category: Tools
Requirements: Android 2.3
Lucky patcher – this is a useful software that can reformat apk files into another type. In the new application’s update just after downloading this app users will be able to sort various mobile programs into different folder by simple tap on the screen.

For some tools this software can suggest the option of advertisements’ blocking, but in order to ensure yourself in the safety of your personal data that certain programs may contain, you’d better do a backup firstly. Also Lucky patcher allows customers to operate with various application in offline mode, even if they required the access to the Internet before.

Among some important advantages of this application there are convenient management features, because novices in reformatting will get into this process within a couple of minutes. Besides, Lucky patcher will not take a lot of memory space and users’ time for converting the files and their scanning.

Also this software program can cope with the task of creating a clone of the certain tools and deleting the regular license check that is built in some apps. All of that can be done by that patcher and so there will be no necessity in doing useless repeated action with the help of different tools. Apart from all of the mentioned abilities of this app, users can try modified Google Play market and so to implement the most comfortable version.

But users should know before trying this application out that it will not work on I-Phones and in case they do not have personal account on Google Play. And more important feature – this app synchronizes the work of your other downloaded programs, so the way icons of some tools looked before may change after launch of this software.

But overall, this is a great program that significantly eases the interaction process with mobile devices.

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