Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash

91.5% (Ratings: 7912)
Version: 2.111
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.0
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Geometry Dash is an interesting platformer in the style of a quiz game that gives users the opportunity to test their savvy and develop imagination and endurance, because you should get ready for nervous feelings that may be caused by tricky levels. Therefore, before pressing the download button you should get prepared for complicated levels, as at first, you will not think it will be that hard to pass them, but level by level, their difficulty will be just increasing.

So, as you currently know what obstacles are waiting for you around the corner, let’s take a look on the way the gaming process goes. First of all, players get the assignment to create a character for them that will pass various obstacles and escape out of traps by doing some tricks and developing a unique action strategy. There are no strict rules, but what is not really good – it is impossible to predict, whether your plan will work this time or not. That is why, all you can do is to test it in the real-time mode, which is quite a risky task, but that is the point of Geometry Dash – to make you do a step out of the comfort zone in order to overcome your doubts and fear of trying something new. And, actually, this skill, you will after using this application is transferrable for the real life and super useful.

Well, let’s move to the advantages’ list of this application, as there are plenty of them. For instance, in this app, users will get bright graphics and dynamic game play, the opportunity to switch the soundtracks and amazing technical features that were not mentioned before.

Thus you definitely should try Geometry Dash for testing your skills and reaction. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that you will successfully pass its missions, but there is one certain thing – you have no chances to get bored while playing this game!

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