Farming Simulator 18

Farming Simulator 18

87.3% (Ratings: 47105)
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.4
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Farming simulator 18 is a great role playing game, as this application gives users the tools for trying themselves in the role of granger and here users will get the opportunity to make the business out products from their ranch.

Judging by users’ feedbacks, this game has a lot of advantages such as beautiful graphics, wide choice of agricultural machineries, convenient management features, realistic details and regular updates.

Nevertheless, there are some negative sides of this game as well. As an example, players may face with small bugs in work and game’s unavailability for iPhone owners, but there is a hope that developers will fix it all in a while, as the technical consumers support is hold on a high level. In Farming simulator users will complete such missions, as growing up various plants, buying different fertilizers, developing vehicles for agricultural activities. This game play will amaze farmers with realistic gaming process and also novices in this sphere, as they will get detailed instructions and will be able to unplug from daily stress – even if they don’t have opportunity to go to the countryside in real life, here they will be able to enjoy landscapes of this virtual life and somehow distract from workaday issues.

After earning enough money for modernizing vehicles, players can move to the assignment of expanding their possessed areas. For maintaining sectors in good condition, they can hire some workers in order not only to get physical help, but mental support as well.

So Farming simulator with its wide opportunities for interesting time spending will not let users to get bored and also make them work on action strategy building, activating logical thinking and the opportunity to create something out of the box for making your business unique in its own way.
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  1. Pawar Rajshree
    Pawar Rajshree 22 April 2022 13:09
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    Arvind kansana 26 February 2022 06:10
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    Kanhaiya 31 December 2021 07:59
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  7. Goran
    Goran 13 November 2021 00:16
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  8. Nikhil kumar
    Nikhil kumar 5 November 2021 12:43
    This game is not working. I downloaded it on chrome but when i press the install button a notification comes that cant open file
  9. Joshua
    Joshua 6 October 2021 14:23
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  10. Labin thanet
    Labin thanet 28 September 2021 05:56
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  11. Yuvrajrana
    Yuvrajrana 10 August 2021 11:28
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  12. Salick
    Salick 27 June 2021 07:45
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  13. Musa
    Musa 17 May 2021 11:32
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    1. Donkey
      Donkey 25 May 2021 19:15
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  14. Malik
    Malik 22 April 2021 15:19
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    Ali maroc 10 April 2021 09:58
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    reena 12 February 2021 17:45
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  17. Jose Pedro Sousa Silva
    Jose Pedro Sousa Silva 28 January 2021 12:29
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  18. Kanhaiya Kumar
    Kanhaiya Kumar 28 August 2020 11:23
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  19. Kamal Kishor
    Kamal Kishor 16 August 2020 07:21
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  20. Mukesh Chaudhary
    Mukesh Chaudhary 11 July 2020 15:36
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    Rijul kumar sen 16 April 2020 18:25
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    1. Aaa
      Aaa 7 May 2020 07:16
      Extract the obb file using rar app then move it toh the obb folder and serch for the file farm simulator and paste it there... Before that install the app
  24. Satwant
    Satwant 8 April 2020 21:41
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