Toca Life: Hospital

Toca Life: Hospital

91% (Ratings: 13018)
Version: 1.5-play
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.3
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Toca Life: Hospital is the next game for kids developed by the Toca Boca company. The storyline of the game has taken place in the corridors of the hospital. The player receives the free hand. The main character of the game is managing the completely whole medical institution with a lot of different other characters that are available while playing. Moreover, you can visit a few stages and utilize various items as well as the tools that are located in the hospital area.

A great virtue of the game is the interactivity of the environment. The application mainly aimed at the development of the creative abilities of children. This is facilitated by the creation of different situations by the user. Here you can play many roles as you can including the role of a doctor. You are enabled to do the surgery handled by the real clinician starting with the assisted childbirth to the surgery. Nonetheless, there are many interesting things to do in Toca Life: Hospital.

The game is also presented in a form of the interactive sandbox, which is able to help you to gain some creative abilities while playing. It can be interesting not only for children but also for adults.

Playing the game you will get closer to complete understanding of it and confident that you know what you are doing since it is essential to care about patient lives. You can use tips and advice if it is hard to make a decision. Many processes had not only been simplified for greater efficiency but would be fully integrated with the existing modules of the game to provide the player with all needed environment.

The major features of the Toca Life: Hospital is the following:

  • 5 different stages with the interesting missions;
  • large locations to explore and to help patients to recover;
  • you can find a secret laboratory hidden at one of the hospital stages.
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  1. Ngân iu mẹ ?
    Ngân iu mẹ ? 27 August 2022 06:39
    Nó có chơi miễn phí ko?
  2. Ngân iu VN
    Ngân iu VN 27 August 2022 06:35
    Tôi rất thích chơi trò chơi này
  3. Mightymom
    Mightymom 3 July 2022 06:38
    This game is perfect for my daughter! She’s inspired by a

    These games thank you.
  4. Shandy Stiffy
    Shandy Stiffy 7 December 2021 05:58
    ugh, all i want is to play this game!!
  5. Shandy Stiffy
    Shandy Stiffy 7 December 2021 05:49
    its not working ://
  6. Nur Qalesya Umairah
    Nur Qalesya Umairah 6 August 2021 20:47
    Asal tak leh
  7. ?
    ? 24 June 2021 06:02
    Does it download for free?
  8. ✨Kaleah✨
    ✨Kaleah✨ 12 March 2021 22:40
    Of it don’t work all at Im gonna dislike that app ?
  9. ✨Kaleah✨
    ✨Kaleah✨ 12 March 2021 22:36
    If I’m about download hope it’s work ?
  10. Nastasia
    Nastasia 3 February 2021 00:28
    Can you call me please ?
    1. ✨Kaleah✨
      ✨Kaleah✨ 12 March 2021 22:37
      Ok I will try
  11. Nastasia
    Nastasia 3 February 2021 00:27
    I have Toca Life Hospital with panda helper and then he told me I not toca life hospital anymore ???
  12. Chahine
    Chahine 6 January 2021 18:52
  13. Jaelyn ramriez
    Jaelyn ramriez 20 December 2020 07:31
    I wish I had toca life hospital but I have to pay 4.00 and im so sad ?
  14. Patricia Ramos
    Patricia Ramos 20 November 2020 18:46
    I want toco life hospital but I can't please help me