Toca Nature

Toca Nature

90.7% (Ratings: 408)
Version: 2.1-play
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Bright and interesting application in which we will be engaged in the creation of their own world. A world in which you can be exactly what you want, unique and inimitable, unlike anything else, and just successful.

In terms of features, the game resembles the infamous Minecraft, that's just in terms of graphics it turned out to be somewhat nicer, however, it is difficult to say that too much. It should also be noted that the application was not least designed for children's audience, although it is possible to please adults.

In it, players are invited to create their own world, you have to, plant a forest, watch and care for it, build mountains and watch beautiful landscapes. Just have to feed the animals, and to be able to watch them. Control the world around you will allow a set of keys with which you can change it very widely, and to your liking. For example, you can increase the mountains, if existing seem small to you, or create a lake. Grow trees from scratch, or add animals, all this and much more, the application will allow you, committed quietly commit.

Since Toca Nature, it is worth it, the game is designed for children, in the process of studying the world around them, they will receive the necessary knowledge about it.

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