Let's Create! Pottery

Let's Create! Pottery

89.5% (Ratings: 8402)
Version: 1.84
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Let’s Create! Pottery is the Android application that allows the user to show his or her creative skills and to develop creativity. There you can try out yourself being a potter. You will to make different stuff of clay and present the product the way you wanted. This exciting process is familiar with art therapy. The game will be useful to take your stress and tiredness away as well as to help you to take your mind off the daily problems.

As for the gameplay of Let’s Create! Pottery, a shapeless blank placed on a spinning circle appears on the screen. You can change the shapes of a blank using your fingers. You should work harder to receive a perfectly symmetrical result. After performing some actions with the blank and give it shapes, you will be required to scorch the product.

Here's where it gets interesting – the painting of a product. The built-in editor enables the user to use various patterns and paint the item, treat the product with tribal elements, change colors, etc.

The items were designed by start-up potter can be auctioned off, shared with friends or sent to participate in the competition of the best products with the ability to receive a small copy of the item in a real life.

The application Let’s Create! Pottery certainly deserves the user’s attention. It would be helpful for those users who wanted to relax and enjoy the gameplay process with pleasure. The gaming application has also an essential impact on the children’s development of creative skills who wanted to know how to create products using clay and are able to become the real masters in the nearest future.

The advantages of the application for the users:

  • user-friendly interface that enables even the novice user to become familiar with the key options of the application in a few minutes;
  • quite nice graphics with detailed objects;
  • an ability to develop own creative skills.
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