CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars

94.7% (Ratings: 245)
Version: 2.32
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 5.0
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CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars - this is the perfect toy for fans of pvp fights, with fun gameplay. In this application, and fit cute kittens and powerful action battles. The developers have provided a unique opportunity to simultaneously enjoy the picture and"let off steam". Several game modes, you can compete with real players, and act alone, or drive a super cars and arrange them unscrupulous fight. However, the machine for the death will have to create yourself, on how much you pump it and hang a variety of protective parts, will depend on Your chances of winning.

An important factor is the motor Of your iron friend, so take care of its power. A drop of effort And you leave the undisputed champion of this deadly battle with the enemy in minutes. In the location - the arena, the winner is one, and if you want to become one, then you just need to download the Machine. CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars for Android for free.

the distinctive features include: an interesting story, the original slaughter with an evil yard cat, who used to fight for every day and overthrow it is not easy, new and improved gadgets, and view the best fights, where you can set yourself an effective strategy and raise your rating. In General, the game is great and addictive from the first minutes. Critical acclaim, solid five.

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