Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter

84.2% (Ratings: 57)
Version: 105.0
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Another standard puzzle, the type of three in a row. You can even say that it strongly resembles a typical Amount. Here you will have a gun from which to shoot colored balls, with a successful shot, you can remove a few of these balls from the field. A bad shot, unfortunately, will only lead to the fact that you will have an additional problem.

The game is quite interesting, so if you can not think of, and what exactly you can do in your free time, do not even doubt, the game will perfectly help you solve this problem.

Levels are extremely many, and they are original. Of course, with each new level, the complexity will grow by an order of magnitude, so you have to make as much effort as possible, in order to just successfully move on. A significant difference from many competitors, here is the fact that the balls will not only be different colors, but also a variety of characteristics that will have a good effect on the passing game.

Bubble Shooter, it is possible, if you like these puzzles, do not even doubt what you see will not disappoint. Let counterparts there are many, but what is here looks very good. Tighten such a game, you can for a long time, do not even doubt. In our time, these puzzles are very fit to look.

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