War and Order

War and Order


82.6% (Ratings: 46)
Version: 3.0.77
Category: Strategy
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Enemy forces are advancing at an unthinkable speed. You need to create a real strong military force to protect the Kingdom from attacks on their land. We present you a multiplayer game, which is an interesting strategy in which you will travel and fight throughout the battles, where there will be battles between different races.

The inhabitants of fantastic countries are ready to follow their ruler, in order to constantly extract a lot of treasures and jewels on their way. Try to show everyone that you are the real owner of all lands! You will constantly have to improve their own combat army, as well as constantly monitor the development of their own possessions.

With the help of your allies, you will be able to become the greatest historical king in the history of these lands. Be sure to train different fighters, improving their equipment and basic characteristics. Use modern magic, technology, and other abilities.

The Alliance will help you get new friends, along with whom you need to War and Order, and destroy all enemies in its path. Build new cities, collect bonus points, and play with other gamers in real time.

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