Helix Crush

Helix Crush

84.5% (Ratings: 58)
Version: 3.0.5
Category: Music
Requirements: Android 4.1
The game Helix Crush was developed by specialists from the company AMANTES, which is famous for interesting works in the music field. Thanks to this development, the user will be able to lift his mood, and distract from the outside world. The idea of the game is that the levels will need to pass in accordance with the musical rhythm.

You need to swipe your finger across the screen so that the spiral could fall on the fruit. So they will be divided into several pieces, which is what you need to achieve. Thus, you should move further up the level. You need to score more points to pass the level.

After receiving the game on your mobile device, the user will see a large number of levels. The creators have worked hard on this game, and made a lot of skins. This allows you to install screensavers on your phone or tablet, as well as choose them during the game.

Also, the game Helix Crush has a large selection of different genres of music. You can find music for every taste: there are fun, relaxing and optimistic. The choice will depend on the preferences of the gamer. In addition, the game has a table of world rankings, which you can get if you make every effort.

Game Features:

  • many levels;
  • a lot of skins;
  • rating table.

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