Exploration Lite Craft

Exploration Lite Craft

88.6% (Ratings: 228)
Version: 1.1.8
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 2.1
Exploration Lite Craft - the game offers to go on an interesting and exciting journey that will open the veil of mystery to many unknown, dangerous and endowed with magical power. Starts the path of the protagonist in a hostile world of endless struggle for survival.

The landscape in the toy is generated randomly, and you will not meet the same terrain. Search for minerals, get the necessary resources, raise Pets or hunt wild predators. When resources become abundant, you can start building personal housing. The application is designed to develop the imagination of people, borders practically do not exist. When the sun shines brightly in the blue sky, you don't need to fear the enemies. But as soon as the moon replaces the bright ball, scary monsters and monsters come out of the caves. Otherworldly forces, ancient evil and paranormal activity in any way wish to end your journey.

Try to fight the enemies with dignity and get expensive experience in battles. Each character has an Arsenal of unique abilities that can be enhanced by spending points. On the map there are several portals that speed up the movement of the archipelago. Build a personal Empire and protect your possessions from raids.

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