London Craft: Blocky Building Games 3D 2018

London Craft: Blocky Building Games 3D 2018

90.5% (Ratings: 264)
Version: 1.8
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.2
Crafting-people are very fond of this genre, it is difficult to even say how many fans he has, one thing is clear, very much. And here in front of you is a really interesting game that will allow you to deal with plenty of construction. It turned out really great, and looks good even against the background of competitors.

What is its main feature? "you might ask." It pleases for the most part the fact that you have to build in London, where you can build dozens of incredible buildings. Actually you will have almost complete freedom of will, create what you want, and realize your wildest dreams. Some restrictions are simply absent as a class, here in front of you a huge, and completely open world in which you can do almost anything you want, carrying out the wildest fantasies. London Craft: Blocky Building Games 3D 2018, you can already for the sake of all of the above.

In addition, despite its huge set of advantages, the game is completely undemanding, and you will not be able to run it on almost any device. Management is also convenient and functional, it is ideally created for smartphones. Well, what is most interesting, there is a set of mini-games that will perfectly suit you in case the main game starts to bother.

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