81.5% (Ratings: 124)
Version: 39999
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.1
CRAFT is an incredibly popular activity, as you yourself could undoubtedly see, after the appearance of Minecraft, everyone began to get involved in creating a variety of things. Here before you is an interesting game that will allow you to fully enjoy this activity.

In the game you will have to travel a lot, in a world filled with monsters, regularly defeating them, at the same time have to create a variety of items that will help you survive in the future. CRAFT, you can already only for the sake of such a set of features. In terms of the graphic component, everything is very similar to minecraft, you will find the same cubic world. However, it is really big, has a lot of interesting locations, and for the most part should not disappoint you.

There are several modes, like simple survival, when you have to confront the many dangers of the world, and the construction mode, when you can just have fun building and in the process to build whatever you want. There will also be no restrictions during construction, you can build a small house or a huge castle, the main thing is not to deny yourself anything. There is also a very convenient management, designed to fully facilitate the construction process.

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