Evertech Sandbox

Evertech Sandbox

92.1% (Ratings: 152)
Version: 6.5.1169-android
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Pretty entertaining toy in the style of "sandbox" for tablets and smartphones, where with the help of all kinds of materials at hand and detailed settings gamers will be able to create a variety of modes of transport.

Gamers get complete freedom of action, which will allow the game for a very long time to tighten in your virtual world of any user who loves to design something new, all this will give them a lot of positive emotions, and the whole process will raise a lot of mood and will not stop for a second, not giving during the development of vehicles to break away from their modern gadgets.

What exactly the players who managed to Evertech Sandbox, will want to develop is up to them and do not forget to include their immense imagination, then perhaps after some time their long-awaited dreams will come true. An inconceivable number of blocks available in the game, will make it possible to create even hitherto unknown road transport.


  • A very unusual approach to vehicle design and programming;
  • Simple and comfortable control system with no unnecessary buttons;
  • Addictive gameplay in which players are given a unique opportunity for endless development in the field of engineering.
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