Sling Drift

Sling Drift

90.9% (Ratings: 33)
Version: 2.30
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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In our time, there are many interesting and really successful games, you can easily make sure of this. Regularly there is an illusion that nothing really unusual, the game world is simply not able to give us, but this is exactly what an illusion. Despite everything, there is something new and original regularly, as here, for example, you can watch a really interesting arcade game, the main occupation in which you will be driving a car.

The gameplay is quite simple, and at the same time require you to have a high level of reaction, because all you need is to press the button in time, thus making all sorts of crazy stunts on your car. Sling Drift, of course you need only for the sake of such a set of features. You can confidently say that if you really like interesting arcade games, this game was literally created for you.

As you progress, you will find dozens of interesting missions, in this regard, everything turned out just to cheer, even if they are for the most part quite the same type. But each subsequent mission has a separate advantage, thanks to which it stands out from all the others. In addition, the game turned out to be frankly easy, and a lot of space after installation on your device just does not take, which you will agree is also very nice.

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