Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

94.1% (Ratings: 272)
Version: 1.43.0
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.4
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Modern Strike Online — this is a great shooter created to teams of different players competed in precision shooting. This mobile application will allow you to feel as an elite fighter of a special unit to combat terrorism. After a little training, you will be able to master the main types of weapons and aimed fire. You will be shown how to navigate the locations to avoid enemy bullets.

After training, you can take part in a team online battles with other players. Carefully moving through a variety of locations, you will appear on the way aggressive rivals, which will have to conduct a firefight, while choosing the appropriate ammunition. Try to shoot in the head, causing the greatest damage, for it you expect all sorts of prizes and awards.

Entering the main menu, you can improve the existing Arsenal, as well as acquire new weapons or armor, which can significantly reduce the damage caused to you. Excellent sniper scope, will help you hit enemies with a bullet between the eyes, for such an action you will be given all sorts of trophies. Double murder, the exact lesion in the head and the aid of a friend, raise the level of your hero.

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