Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5


94% (Ratings: 168)
Version: 5.9.2a
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Modern Combat 5 – the next continuation of a series of games about fights with armies of enemies the post-apocalyptic world. Before us are the Smoking ruins of once large cities. Poisoning the atmosphere of the city, threatened with death around every corner. Your task is to pass the enemy groups and eliminate the criminal mind, which is intent on destroying the remnants of the once flourishing planet.

To start acting, you need to pick up the class of his hero of the seven: attack, scout, sapper, paratrooper, mercenary, sport or sniper. In multiplayer mode, team competitions are possible. But you need to learn special skills and how to pump your fighter. Seasoned veteran of battles, easily owns all kinds of weapons. Game action develops in many locations of various countries on different continents, the user will visit a variety of points of the globe, from Japan to Italy.

Great shooter, with excellent graphic content and spectacular sound, colorful special effects and a fascinating storyline will appeal to all fans of shooters. Download this app to your smartphone or tablet and immerse yourself in a merciless world where explosions and whistling bullets happen every minute.

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