Flame Hero

Flame Hero

91.8% (Ratings: 61)
Version: 1.8.4
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.0
Superheroes consistently enjoy high popularity, so there are more and more games in which you need to become a hero. In the game you will be able to control the flame, your character has a solid set of interesting features, it will use a set of their capabilities, including for moving forward.

Here you will find a huge developed locations, which you will have to travel. The world is really very large and very interesting, so boring in any case, should not make you like to get bored. Along the way, as you progress, you will encounter a huge number of different opponents. The city moves a lot of criminals, which you have to win in turn. The graphics turned out to be quite good, but no more than that, to call it really delicious, do not turn out with all your desire. The sound, though unfortunately somewhat poor, sounds generally funny, but unfortunately no more and they are not enough. But there is a store where you can easily buy everything you need for further passage. Flame Hero, you can already for such a fun set of advantages.

The game has quite a high-quality Russification, but, unfortunately, along with a set of advantages, there is a solid set of disadvantages that can also significantly irritate. Perhaps the most important drawback is the presence of advertising, it is in the application, unfortunately very much, which can be attributed to the most significant drawbacks.

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