URB: Last Pixels Battle

URB: Last Pixels Battle

85.3% (Ratings: 95)
Version: 1.4.2
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Pixel world has recently become incredibly popular. It seemed like, such graphics are outdated, but as practice shows, absolutely not, the relevance of such a picture has not lost. More and more games of our time, return to such graphics, and the players, as you can see, it is undoubtedly like. Here in front of you is one such game in which you have to converge in opposition to real players in real time.

In addition, in the game you will find a really big and elaborate world that has a solid set of advantages. There are many interesting locations in which you will have to fight with a variety of opponents. URB: Last Pixels Battle, and as you can quickly see, the game will not disappoint.

Pleases and available in the game Arsenal, here you will find a large enough supply of a variety of weapons, which is sure to be useful to you during the passage. Any most demanding player, be sure to find a lot of weapons to your liking, and then be able to actively use it for their benefit. At the same time, you should understand, as the game takes place online, with live opponents, you will need a fast enough mobile Internet, without which you will not be able to fully play.

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