Juice Jam

Juice Jam

84.7% (Ratings: 144)
Version: 3.59.1
Category: Puzzle
Requirements: Android 3.0
Juice Jam - another representative of toys in the style of "three in a row". Recall that this app is well suited for killing time. When you are waiting, eating in the subway, waiting for a friend or relaxing after work, the game will come to the rescue and amuse unobtrusive music and uncomplicated gameplay.

The main idea of the app is to combine the same items in a line. The more vegetables are collected in a single strip, the more points the user gets. The visual component is made in bright colors with children's graphics. The main area is occupied by a table with different vegetables. At the top there are animated characters that react to your actions with facial expressions and phrases. If you compare this game with competitors, it is difficult to call it the best choice.

For a long time being on the Play Market service, the overall score did not exceed 3.2 points. The creators have long ceased to support the product and release updates. But if you need to install a toy exclusively for the child, the utility is perfect. Teach your son or daughter to solve simple puzzles will help in the future. There is a mode for two players, where both opponents will pass the same level, and whose result will be higher, he will win the competition.

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