Taximeter — start driving a taxi today

Taximeter — start driving a taxi today

87.1% (Ratings: 147)
Version: 12.60
Category: Social
Requirements: Android 4.0
With the Taximeter now any driver will not be left without work, he will be able to work every day, regardless of the time of day, morning, afternoon, evening or night. The application software recommends orders, and you choose the nearest address and eat to pick up customers.

The main advantages of the application: taxi drivers will be able to earn another way, attracting drivers, work as a taxi driver for drivers from different parts of the world, after entering the registration data you are given a free taximeter. Initially, you will be required Taximeter — start driving a taxi today, and then make it a registration, and then have to solve small things with the taxi fleet, and you can start your car activities.

This is a very valuable application program will give a hint to which point of the city to go for a higher profit and she will find orders. There is no need to search for customers, drivers automatically receive an order from those passengers who are closer to them.

The application operates economically, but effectively, distributing orders in such an order, so that the idle mileage was minimal, and the maximum profit. Yandex will help taxi drivers to search for and deliver customers to the designated place.Navigator.

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