Bricks n Balls

Bricks n Balls

95.8% (Ratings: 24)
Version: 2.6.2
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Quite a good toy, which certainly should not disappoint you, it turned out that the most important thing is unusual, and unlike most of the modern analogues, so that only for the sake of such non-standard, spend time on the game, not only possible, but also necessary.

In the game you have to shoot balls at a certain angle, so to destroy the bricks. The complexity of the game adds that a certain sight, here and close there, so you have to engage in shooting, relying more on intuition. It is understood that over time you will be able to send the ball. But at first you have to make do with what you have, and rely solely on luck.

In terms of pictures, everything turned out quite well, the game can not please you with really bright colors, but that's upset it, too, can not. The design is made in strict colors, but looks frankly cute. There is nothing bad to say about the game does not work.

Download Bricks n Balls for Android, it is quite possible, if you like difficulties, the game will not have to cause some outright rejection. Well, really interesting moments, you can see here a lot. The same complexity frankly pleases, the longer you play, the more all sorts of difficulties will be able to observe here.

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