Cats Empire

Cats Empire

93% (Ratings: 158)
Version: 4.10.00
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
Toy for big cat fans, if you feel that the latter is about you. Done safely download and start enjoying. Here you will have to take control of a pack of cats and lead them to prosperity. You have to constantly search for food in the first place he know of fish, which is very important for cats. Just waiting for you numerous clashes with representatives of hostile tribes. Here, too, do not expect an easy victory, the enemies will be dangerous.

You can fight as a team on the team, or if you decide to choose the role of a lone cat, you have to regularly run from opponents, because to win alone will be at least very difficult. And most likely, it is simply impossible, one cat against crowds of enemies has, unfortunately, a very large the chances of death.

In terms of pictures, the toy turned cartoon, but cute, the world is well worked out, and in General more than successful, here you just do not see the shortcomings. All cats turned out interesting, well-drawn and just cute. So all fans of the cat tribe, should remain satisfied with what they saw.

Cats Empire, it is possible. The main advantage of the toy is its identity, already exclusively for the sake of something like this, it will be possible to deal with it.

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  1. George
    George 18 May 2020 11:11
    Fish is important for cats.. do you realize that is an urban legend, right? that most cats dont like fish or they are alergic to it? lol. Thats why i know this is a really bad game.