Talking Ben the Dog

Talking Ben the Dog

91.3% (Ratings: 92)
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
Talking Ben the Dog – this is a great application created specifically for kids who can spend many hours watching the actions of a funny dog on the screen of a mobile device made on the platform of the Android operating system.

Previously, such video entertainment had not likely popular, many delighted with the possibility of repeating the user's speech in a different committed, often in a funny sound. However, since then, a lot of time has passed, but the authors do not leave attempts to surprise children with new properties of talking characters.

The protagonist of this application is a cheerful dog, who is part-time academician studying chemistry in retirement. All his free time he reads Newspapers. But if you try grumpy pensioner will be able to pay attention to you and make you a strict remark. After that you are free to pet him hit or tickle, and have fun chatting on the phone. This mediatable is full of various interactions. For example, you can please the old man and go with him to the scientific laboratory, as he likes to carry out all sorts of experiments. The video game has an excellent graphic content, a good storyline and will become an exciting toy for preschool children.

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