GPS AntiRadar Detector FREE

GPS AntiRadar Detector FREE

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Version: 44.1
Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: Android 4.0
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GPS AntiRadar Detector FREE is an application that will notify you about road cameras and Traffic police posts, thereby protecting you against the serious fines. The application was developed in order to determine the speed permission for the vehicle at the stretch of road after that notifies the driver when the car speed is exceeded the allowed speed rate more than 19 km/h.

This is a useful application to perform the same functions as in the case with the more expensive device but it will be helpful in order to save free funds.

The essence of the work of the GPS AntiRadar Detector FREE application is quite simple: the application has the database of cameras and some Traffic police posts. The application will notify you to be aware of cameras or posts before reaching the area with a voice mail by clarifying the maximum allowed speed on this stretch of road.

The GPS AntiRadar Detector FREE application can be launched in a background mode but stay active and work with a navigator at the same time. It would be helpful on the road. In addition to the cameras’ determination, the application continuously monitoring the speed of your vehicle and if while in motion your vehicle reach the speed that exceeds the allowed speed rate more than 19 km/h, you will get a notification that you need to slow down to the figure allowed by the local regulations.

Some advantages of this application:

  • The most detailed data needed for the drivers on a road;
  • A set of tools that allows the user to have some comfort while driving the vehicle;
  • A user-friendly interface and the well-designed notify system.

The database is constantly updating since the new information added on cameras and Traffic police posts. In the case, if you haven’t found the necessary data on police posts or cameras, you can add the information for the other users to use in a future in order to avoid fines as well as the other unpleasant situations.

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