Mouse Simulator

Mouse Simulator

93.6% (Ratings: 452)
Version: 1.38
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Mouse Simulator is the game where your key objective would be to play for the mouse and to perform different goals as well as to pass a lot of interesting mission that was developed to bring you joy. Thus, the mouse lives in the forest in your mouse rat but sometimes you will be needed to beware of a cat and run away. The exploration of the two large locations will be your primary task.

These two large locations that are presented in the game would be a forest and a house. Pass with the mouse through all the levels and collect mushrooms, nuts as well as the other essential items needed for the further gameplay process. Don’t forget to resupply and collect the grabbed food into your mouse hole. Try to get to the nearest big house in order to seek for some food but keep remember to beware of a cat. Run, jump, and try to find a shelter if you were seen.

When you passed the 10th level of Mouse Simulator, you are able to create a couple with another mouse. Thus, you can communicate with your soul mate in order to make her feel better. After that, she would help you to collect useful stuff for everyday life. Build a new home for you and for your soul mate in order to procreate in the nearest future.

After reaching the 20th level, you enabled to have a baby mouse. You should nursing him and prepare for the independent life, tell him different interesting stories about the world of things. After a time the little mouse grows up and be willing to have own family.

The major features of Mouse Simulator:

  • a well-designed graphics as for the game for Android devices;
  • Multilanguage user interface support;
  • more than 30 levels to customizing your character as well as improve his skills;
  • an ability to reach the objectives and to settle down;
  • different types of enemies such as cats, insects, and spiders.

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