Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival

90.9% (Ratings: 670)
Version: 1.23.1
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Last Day on Earth: Survival is a free multiplayer survival strategy where your key goal as a survivor would be to achieve the one goal: to kill zombies and stay alive as much as possible. There is little room for the friendship, love as well as the mercy. The current deadly pandemic turned the world to the dead area. Therefore, you can trust yourself in this post-apocalyptic world infected by zombies.

In 2027, an outbreak of unknown viral infection had destroyed a large proportion of the world’s population. Biologic weapons that were developed by the military, was slipped out beyond areas of the secret laboratory. A raging virus was called the lethal infection of the plague. Meanwhile, the new pandemic type of plague has annihilated about 80% of the world’s population. The life is gone but the pandemic turned people to immortal zombies.

Keep remembering that zombie army is not the only problem to solve. The vast majority of survivors is ready to kill you in order to get some useful stuff for further life. Moreover, you can join the gangs to defeat the zombie army. Anyway, you are able to choose your own way of surviving including the hunt for zombies or create a strategy to defeat hordes of the dead. Use the given opportunities of the Last Day on Earth: Survival to kill zombies and save your life.

Every decision that you make has a meaning as well as every mistake could be the last one since the zombies and the infection is not sleeping. They will try to kill you as soon as possible. Be careful while choosing friends and joining the gangs.

What else you should note playing Last Day on Earth: Survival:

  • enormous locations where you can battle with enemies and develop new strategies to defeat them all;
  • well-designed graphics;
  • a wide range of useful stuff and other essential items for further survival.
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