Survival Island: EVO 2

Survival Island: EVO 2

84.4% (Ratings: 128)
Version: 3.248
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 4.0
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Survival Island: EVO 2 - on Android-here it is not difficult to guess. Here is a simulator of a man who was on a desert island. And your task in the game will be to help him survive there, given that the island is not the most friendly place, and the dangers will lie in wait for you at every step.

The game has a feeling of hunger, so you have to regularly feed your character. Also, you will have to craft a lot, in order to build yourself as tools and just a shelter. The island is home to a variety of animals ranging from lion to chicken. And if the latter will not represent for you any special danger, then here is meeting with the first for you nothing a good not end.

In order to accurately survive a meeting with dangerous predators, you must create a first of all dangerous weapons and strong armor. Only in such conditions, you can be sure that your life on the island will be long.

And the most important plus of the game, it is completely free. You do not have to pay for the download. As well as for all sorts of additional features in the game, otherwise not available. Nothing like that, at the moment in the game is simply not observed.

The graphics in the game are beautiful, the sound is pleasant and pleasing to the ear. And the management is convenient, on this side you will not see any drawbacks.

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