Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world

Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world

89.3% (Ratings: 4412)
Version: 3.37.0
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 4.4
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Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world - social life & fashion in virtual world is a simulator of the real-life world with some fantasy components, because in this game players will be able to create their character, take care of him, find hobbies and job and overall, live his life. There are some benefits of trying yourself in a new role, as for example, if you are not really sociable in reality, here you can master communicative skills and become the other person by trying the method of faking till making – the friendship made in Avataria can become real one day!

Among the advantages of this game there are easy-to-use management features, beautiful outfits, you can buy for your character and various bonuses that make players interested in this application for a long period of time. Overall, this gameplay is free of any tuition fees, but there is an option of buying a VIP accounts that provides its owners with wider choice of activities they can try and purchase they can make.

Apart from mentioned beneficial features, there are some disadvantages of Avataria – social life & fashion in virtual world, like complicated and rather boring mandatory missions, you need to go through for increasing the level of your character’s life and also you may face not really friendly users that can write some impolite things in dms.

But before downloading this application you need get acquainted with such rules, as the necessity to inform developers about your account’s problems that may appear, because it is not allowed to create one more game account from the same IP address. Besides, you need to avoid spamming to other players and do some illegal actions, while you are playing, unless you will get a ban or even will be fined. And also be aware that those rules, which were mentioned there are not the only ones so be sure you read them all carefully before start playing this game.

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