Backgammon - Narde

Backgammon - Narde

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Version: 7.06
Category: Board
Requirements: Android 4.0
Backgammon - Narde - is one of the varieties of Board games, familiar to many since childhood. The history of the game is rooted in Asia. At a time when backgammon was a favorite pastime not only of noble nobles. Ordinary mortals and people who were in slavery also found an opportunity to play. But for this they had to make certain efforts. Ordinary holes were cut on a wooden Board, and colored stones were used instead of dice.

Why you should download the online game Long backgammon on Android, because it is the most affordable way to play backgammon in the modern world backgammon has not lost its relevance. In addition, the conditions for a pleasant pastime have significantly simplified. In order to play you do not need to look for a tablet and an opponent, it is enough to download backgammon on Android.

After you install the toy, you will open an amazing and at the same time absolutely simple interface. Menu online games on Android includes the following items:

1. Android-means a game with a random selection program, i.e. with a bot.
2. Playing with an opponent - any player in the online game.
3. Online game by Bluetooth-the principle is the same as with the opponent, only the connection is via Bluetooth.
4. Pair competition from one device.

Online game long backgammon on Android perfectly develops strategic thinking, and hones skills in combined combat. Rules of the game fully compliant with the standards PSNH. Fun is suitable for any age and has no sexual distinctions. Having gathered a friendly company, you can arrange a competition for the main prize. Gift can be absolutely any, even the usual desire. The main thing is that you will not only have fun, but also get a great boost of energy.

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