Talking Ginger 2

Talking Ginger 2

87.4% (Ratings: 191)
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
Talking Ginger 2 - and it is up to you will depend on how it will be a holiday, you will be able to feed the birthday treats, as well as entertain it in a variety of ways. In General, the success or failure of the holiday, it's only your hands.

The game has several fun mini-games that are at least bright, and serve as great additional entertainment. For example, you can blow out the candles here, or collect puzzles, which captured footage of the holiday. All this is good, and adds additional advantages of such a game.

In addition, for young children there is a fun mode, "Eat with a Kitten" - which will stimulate capricious young children to eat. As in many games with talking animals, the kitten here will repeat all your words.

In terms of graphics, the game was quite successful, it is bright, and at least pretty. As the design of the world, and colors, pleasing to the eye. The soundtrack also turned out, at least, successful.

In terms of management, the game is quite convenient and just practical, here to find fault, too, do not get to anything, even a small child can easily understand how you can play here. All interface elements are simple and intuitive.

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