Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

91.8% (Ratings: 170)
Version: 1.5.18
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 3.0
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Snail Bob 2 – the second part of a fun game dedicated to the adventures of a funny snail named Bob. This time the plot will revolve around the main character, and his grandfather, whose birthday, he hurries to congratulate him. For what and is sent in incredibly dangerous journey through dark wood.

And of course it is you have to help the snail to overcome all obstacles. On the way you will have to solve puzzles and avoid traps. In addition, a lot of enemies will try to stop your hero on the way to his goal.

Along the way, in the game you have to constantly interact with various objects, activate all sorts of mechanisms and solve other difficulties. In this you will help a variety of animals and insects.

The graphics in the game turned out to be quite simple, but colorful and pleasing to the eye. And despite its simplicity, the graphics are for the most part unusual and you can even say unique, besides, despite all the simplicity, the location turned out for the most part worked out and just bright.

In addition, the game has an interesting gameplay, elaborate levels that will be very different from each other, the monotony is not observed. Just happy management, which turned out on the one hand simple, and on the other quite a comfortable.

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