Spotlight: Room Escape

Spotlight: Room Escape

87.8% (Ratings: 41)
Version: 20.04.0
Category: Puzzle
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
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Spotlight: Room Escape - is a unique quest where the player must show off their knowledge to solve puzzles, getting for their solutions keys to open doors. The Game will start from the moment you find yourself in a closed room, from which you can only exit using a special key. Solve puzzles on the way and look for items that will be useful to you in the next missions.

Explore the area in the hope of finding everything you need. For example, if you look in a simple nightstand, you can find a thing that will help solve the next puzzle, and so on. When all the items are collected, a new door will open, leading to the universe of a new game level. The gameplay of the game application is based on moving between the rooms of the building, as well as finding a way to open them.

There may be parts of amazing items that will help solve complex puzzles. At times, to solve the quest will need to pick up from the inventory a special thing that will be the key element, or a simple hint to solve. Apart from the main puzzles, each level has hidden locks, after opening which the player will be able to get hints, and with their help it will be easier to pass some of the levels. Develop with each level, getting experience points. Successful passage!

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