Blockman Go

Blockman Go

90.2% (Ratings: 2647)
Version: 2.79.2
Category: Adventure
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Blockman Go - was made just for you: if you do not care how your main character will look like, and that it will not look like most template skins; if you do not like games with almost unchanged plot; if you love wonderful graphics, as well as a lot of live communication. This game project will be able to do with your character all that you want, and with this program you just do not get bored. Not counting high-quality detailed textures, interesting stories and a huge number of bonuses, you can really be surprised by the size of the game card, and the system of decorations and skins will give you the opportunity to realize really the most crazy fantasies that only were and are in your head.


Well, initially you need to choose, of course, who you will play, a boy or a girl, then you will need to create your own game style, which applies exclusively to you, choose your favorite system of jewelry, and after all these actions done to go do cool and cool things. But do not think that everything is so easy: in order to become the owner of the attributes of individuality, at times you will need to take an active part in a variety of incredible competitions, take part in a fashion show and as a result really become the best of all.

If you love to communicate with other people, with their friends, in this case, the chat system in Blockman GO : Blocky Mods just will not let you get bored, and it will not be so Intrusive to get tired of long "conversations". Play with your friends, there is a huge number of cool mods that will definitely be able to you and your buddies like. Fight for the dragon egg! You need to master it until such time as it did not make your opponents. We also present you a great opportunity to play in a cool mode called "police against the gangster", where you will be in the role of law enforcement officers to catch violators.


  • High-quality graphic design;
  • Many cool modifications;
  • The ability to play together with your friends, and more.

Blockman GO : Blocky Mods - this is a truly high-quality project that deserves your attention. Moreover, there is also a battle Royale, just like in the popular game, and in General the rules are the same. You land on a certain territory, quickly looking for weapons, resources, and destroy all enemies in their path. Stay alive, while destroying all the enemies, good luck!

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  1. Luzo khumalo
    Luzo khumalo 1 December 2021 14:03
    I love build and shoot
  2. Mark Roel Morales
    Mark Roel Morales 8 March 2021 08:00
    nice game I Love Bedwars!!
  3. Furdaus
    Furdaus 8 September 2020 09:21
    saya firdaus $100
  4. Suvam Pradhan
    Suvam Pradhan 25 May 2020 18:52
    nice game, its working
    keep up the good work