Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers

89.5% (Ratings: 105)
Version: 2.27.1
Category: Arcade
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Angry Birds Transformers – a fun and colorful application that is sure to cause delight in all fans of angry birds.

The company released the game, all the time experimenting, trying to please fans of birds, something new and original. We have already seen and shooting birds from a slingshot, and race with them. And now we can watch the runner with all the usual funny characters.

Especially like the plot of the game, the plot here is a confrontation between the Deceptisvinyami and the birds. And all the familiar creatures have been adjusted in terms of styling transformers that looks as funny as it sounds.

Your main goal in the game will be to free the planet ORT invaders with the help of Birdcage. With this character you will travel through the levels, destroying pigs everywhere on your way. Your enemies, as always, are hiding in numerous well-protected shelters, so you have to destroy them there, and using as few shots as possible.

Once you pass one level, you will immediately arrive for the ship, which will take to the next level. In addition, after each level, you can modify your bird, changing and improving its armor, as well as providing new weapons with which you can more effectively destroy enemies. The very bird over time, too, will be possible to change to your liking.
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