Poker Online

Poker Online

79.2% (Ratings: 48)
Version: 1.4.8
Category: Casino
Requirements: Android 4.0
Poker is a game with a long history. It has many variations, but the General rules are reduced to a single-to collect a combination of cards, more rare than their rivals. As in most card games in poker, you need to constantly calculate the moves of your opponents, understand when they are trying to lull your attention and know when to rely on the theory of probability, and when to rely on intuition and logic.

Poker Online offers you to play this great game, but not with virtual opponents, but with real people around the world who also love the excitement. If you want to play with your friends, just create a private room for the game, and put a password on it. Except for those people who know the password, no one will be able to join you. Enjoy the game in a circle of desirable people!

Or you can go to any available room and play there. The bottom line is that people from all over the world are competing here, and you will come across both strong competitors and newcomers. There are many variations of poker: from classic to Texas hold'em.

This game is not played for real money. The internal currency here is virtual chips, which can be replenished once a day for free. So don't worry about whether this is a licensed game, or whether it will give you your winnings. You need a stable Internet connection to play!

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