Total Conquest

Total Conquest

85.9% (Ratings: 64)
Version: 2.1.5a
Category: Strategy
Requirements: Android 2.3
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Total Conquest – game, which is extremely able to give the feeling of being in a time of prosperity of a great Empire. You will be assigned an incredibly responsible role of the Emperor, on whose shoulders will fall super-responsible business of government. Legionnaires respect and respect any order and hold your personality in unshakable authority. Brave warriors and an eyebrow will not lead in the conquest of cities, because they are only happy to benefit such a majestic ruler.

Caesar died suddenly and urgently needs to find a successor who can manage the country and make the most correct decisions. You get a unique opportunity to take part in a fierce struggle for the throne, which is aimed at several worthy candidates who are ready for any intrigue and betrayal for the sake of the cherished goal. It is not easy to conquer a city where all the roads of the world lead, but it is very exciting and intriguing.

First, start with the management of a small province, where you need to build municipal buildings, military and fortifications, to train the army and master the divine creatures that figured in ancient Roman mythology. Gradually it will be possible to move forward, and turn the uncertain boys into a true Legion.

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