Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2


82.6% (Ratings: 86)
Version: 1.69.1
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.1
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Our planet is being consumed by another zombie Apocalypse. You need to quickly download to your smartphone the game Into the Dead 2, in order to go on a rescue mission of humanity against the walking dead. Enjoy a huge world where you will personally meet with a big disaster that happened. You can save not only your family and friends, but also friends, as well as ordinary people.

Use powerful weapons, destroying bloodthirsty monsters on your way. You will get a huge Arsenal of weapons. At times, you will need to use everything that comes to hand, just to repel another attack. You need to survive in this bloody confrontation.

Fight as well as you can. Blood, ruby, and destroy all enemies in its path. The world will thank you for clearing the world of all existing monsters. The main character must go a long way, the end of which will be a victory. As a result of the selected actions along your way, a certain ending will be selected. Throughout the game path you need to go through seven difficult chapters. Enjoy the fulfillment of the sixty missions. Use different weapons depending on the type of mission. Also remember that the combat reserves may run out, so if necessary, replenish the cartridges in the clip.

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