Cat Simulator : Kitty Craft

Cat Simulator : Kitty Craft

88.2% (Ratings: 85)
Version: 1.6.9
Category: Action
Requirements: Android 4.0
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The game Cat Simulator : Kitty Craft will appeal to cat lovers. Here the user will be able to become a kitten, and look at the world through his eyes. You can choose your own breed of animal. You can also choose the location where the game will take place. It is possible to explore any of the several houses.

To complete each of the levels, you will need to overcome interesting tasks. For example, catch mice, destroy vases, scratch furniture and carpets, as well as other exciting activities. In General, no one will be bored, because there are a lot of important things ahead.

There may be people in the houses who can be frightened. They are also able to say something if they somehow intersect. But, as a rule, people go about their business, talk to each other, eat, sleep. Jumping and moving you can earn coins with which you can unlock other breeds.

Control of the game Cat Simulator : Kitty Craft is easy and intuitive. It is also worth noting the three-dimensional graphics that will appeal to users. You can also buy a cat a hat and a house. The gameplay will be accompanied by pleasant music, which makes the action even more enjoyable.

Game features:

  • different cat breeds;
  • several houses to explore;
  • ability to play with friends.

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