Age of Z

Age of Z

86.1% (Ratings: 151)
Version: 1.3.712
Category: Strategy
Requirements: Android 4.1
The game Age of Z takes place during the Apocalypse. The fact that the planet is very quickly spreading the z virus. People are in greater danger, as all threatened with extinction. It is necessary to create a shelter for the survivors, or seize power in the world, destroying everything on the way.

Should to address set of brigades from of experienced fighters, and research just a new. It is necessary to attract all means to overcome the zombies, as well as the opposing side of people. His leadership will need to approve weapons and ammunition. It is necessary to create more ammunition, fill military equipment, and train soldiers new abilities.

The more people you can gather, the better. Each person will increase the chances of winning, so you need to take different advisers. Who will be the right hand to choose only to the user. You should also choose the right routes, as the virus becomes stronger, and the zombies are mutated.

Monsters become more powerful and bigger. In addition, another enemy is nature, and sorties will depend on the selected landscape. It is necessary to go around mountains, to cross reservoirs, and to be especially vigilant in the conditions of plains. In the game Age of Z just no one will be bored.

game Features:

  • exciting atmosphere;
  • interesting gameplay;
  • good graphics.
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