Video Editor for YouTube - Video Guru

Video Editor for YouTube - Video Guru

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Version: 1.522.156.I
Requirements: Android 4.3
The application Video Editor for YouTube - Video Guru is designed to make various changes to the video. It is necessary when you want to edit a video intended for uploading to YouTube. It contains several useful tools that will help you make video editing. And before you edit the material, you need to download it from the device memory.

After downloading, the presented application will make an offer to remove unnecessary parts of the material, as well as change the format of the images. After you finish editing, you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image. You can also use the filters, and write the captions.

The program also allows the user to choose the right music and attach your watermark. As for the interface, it is created simple and clear. It is designed so that various manipulations with the video are arranged in order. And each of the steps is accompanied by a description.

The Video Editor for YouTube - Video Guru can be used on all devices running on the android platform. It will not be difficult for anyone to understand it. Thanks to this, the user can immediately start editing.

App Features:

  • availability of filters;
  • ability to add labels;
  • convert photos and videos;
  • elementary interface;
  • adding a watermark.

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Comments (2)
  1. windows 10
    windows 10 27 March 2021 13:39
    trying for the first time
  2. reynaldo isiderio
    reynaldo isiderio 12 July 2020 16:45
    pretty cool . easy to use love it