Be-be-bears Free

Be-be-bears Free

89.3% (Ratings: 290)
Version: 4.210634
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.2
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Be-be-bears Free - on Android-quite a fun children's game, pay attention to which frankly can. But immediately need warn, game was created on the basis of cartoon, for the most small, and for the most part not far from him plummeting has, so that interesting she in primarily for small children.

For the most part, here before us is not one game, but a set of mini-games collected in one game. Control of the game is intuitive, so that even a small child will be able to deal with it without any problems there.

In addition, you can see here, something like a free-play mode, when you can just explore the world around you, without any special goals. For example, you can explore the world around you, or just ride a swing, in any case, this activity will also be able to entertain a young child.

The graphics of the game on the one hand is simple, but at the same time cute, exactly what you need for a small child. The same applies to the soundtrack. Both music and sound effects, here for the most part turned out pretty.

In General, an adult such a game will not be very interesting, while for children, it is almost perfect.

In addition, the game can teach children something useful. For example, that you need to do cleaning in your room. And such useful lessons, the game can teach children a lot.
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