Cake Shop - Bake & Decorate Boutique

Cake Shop - Bake & Decorate Boutique

88.5% (Ratings: 122)
Version: 6.3.5093
Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.1
In this game, the user will become the owner of a confectionery production and a store selling sweets. The player will be independently engaged in cooking cakes, and then sell them in your store. The gameplay will bring pleasure and teach cooking sweets.

Customers will be waiting for Goodies, and if they like it, they will come for them again. It is necessary to quickly serve and feed visitors. During the game, the gamer will be able to learn a large number of delicious recipes. They will help to make the store's assortment even better, which means there will be more satisfied customers.

It is necessary to constantly improve the cakes and store, so that all this brought a lot of profit. You should try to cook the most delicious cakes for your favorite customers. And to start the game, you need to Cake Shop - Bake & Decorate Boutique.

We must try to have time to bake cakes and at the same time improve the store. Don't be afraid to add new ingredients to get a new taste. It is also necessary to remember about the cleanliness and beautiful design of the outlet. The gameplay will be able to captivate the young user for a long time.

Game features:

  • a lot of different recipes;
  • different sets of the store;
  • cake making training;
  • bright design.

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