Kozel HD Online

Kozel HD Online

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Category: Casual
Requirements: Android 4.0.3
The modern world is constantly changing and transforming, and games are changing with it. This also applies to the old games that people used to indulge in in their yards. Some of them moved to devices, continuing to captivate players. Card games are quite ancient entertainment, which is relevant to this day. To play this card game, you must Kozel HD Online.

This team card game has moved to the Internet. After all, there is nothing more pleasant than to play the famous game called Goat. It is possible to play with virtual rivals, and with friends. To win, you must collect a lot of bribes and leave your opponents with nothing.

Playing this game with friends will undoubtedly be fun, but virtual users will not be bored either. A nice bonus is that the game is absolutely free and regularly updated. Also, the user can choose a deck, a choice of 32 or 24 cards. You can also choose game tables. In addition, you can choose the scoring mode, which can adjust the complexity of the parties. But this is not all, as the player can set a trump card without change, thereby making the game more entertaining.

Game features:

  • ability to play with friends;
  • selection of tables and decks;
  • bright graphics;
  • retro-style design.

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