McDonald’s Happy Meal App

McDonald’s Happy Meal App

79.7% (Ratings: 148)
Version: 9.9.1
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.4
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McDonald’s Happy Meal App - this app was developed by McDonald's. it is designed to allow young children to develop their creative abilities. Through this development, children can improve their skills to draw, perform and play music. To try it out in action.

In the presented program, the child will be able to use music for fun dances or draw a personal masterpiece. And for those who want to do research, find here an electronic library. The most curious of children will have access to it. The development of the application never stands still, so on a regular basis there are new characters.

You can also become an inventor in the app. To engage in this activity, you must begin to combine the elements, and see what happens. This pastime is sure to have a beneficial effect on the development of logical thinking. In addition, young artists are not forgotten, because there are many special tools for them. All of them can be used to create drawings. And for music lovers, there is a Groovy music.

Game features:

  • the constant updating of characters;
  • does not require online mode;
  • simple operation.
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