90.2% (Ratings: 122)
Version: 20.1
Category: Simulation
Requirements: Android 2.3
Illusion - is an application extremely atypical for ordinary developments designed as entertainment and killing free time. This simulator will deceive the perception and imagination, using pictures from the Arsenal, which are reserved for a variety of situations. The interface and navigation of the program is terribly simple, without causing silly questions and unnecessary assumptions about the functionality and purpose of any menu item or virtual button, which you need to tap your finger in case of choice.

Here is a wide range of different visual effects, among which you have to specify the desired, choosing it for further work. Then expand the image, ornament or pattern on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Try to stare into the center of the picture, not looking away at other household items. At the end of thirty seconds, abruptly turn your gaze to any other place, such as a wall or door. It's hard to believe, but the pattern will be transferred after the eyes.

The presence of bright and fast flashing objects does not allow the use of the program to persons under the age of majority, suffering from seizures or mental problems, pregnant women, asthmatics and epileptics.

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