Sketch - Draw & Paint

Sketch - Draw & Paint

94.1% (Ratings: 7096)
Version: 9.0.T.0.6
Category: Educational
Requirements: Android 4.2
Sketch - Draw & Paint is a mobile application for pictures creating and editing already existed photos by putting some effects on them. This incredible tool was developed by Sony Production company, so it has one of the best technical features among the apps of this kind.

Besides, this application will provide users with a supportive community where users can share their creations. There is no matter how good you are at drawing, because basically this application will do everything for you and so you don't need to care about drawing techniques,- you will be able to simply enjoy the process of this game.

Among the editing options of this applications there are wide colour palette, a lot of sprays, stickers and filters to use, opportunities to zoom pictures, add text blocks on them, synchronize them all and transfer to other devices, sharing in social media options and other possibilities of creating unique photo content that overall bring users a safe and bright space for bringing users' ideas to reality.

Besides, after downloading this application, uses will get the access to the community, full inside opportunities for personal growth from the perspective of a painter and apart from it. This platform will be free from regular check-ins, so users will have no reasons to worry about safety of their personal data. Instead, they will be able to add some hastags to their works, comment someone's elses pics and have fun by communicating with people that have the same interests as you do.

Summing up, this great project will help users to unplug from daily stress while mastering their attentiveness and the ability to cope the things, you will see on screen.

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